La Habana

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to Havana, a destination that's been forbidden to Americans for a very long time. As you can image, with everything we've been told about the Cuban government, I was very nervous about this trip. Upon arriving in Havana, I quickly realized that regardless to which country you travel, people are people, and most people are good.

There's no doubt that there are parts of Havana that seem strange to Americans. There's a LOT of pro-revolution imagery around the city. All of the people of Havana appear to be financially poor. Once you move out of the sea port area in Old Havana, there are few cars and there aren't many people on the streets as you'd expect of a city with a higher population density than Austin!

Havana is proof that reality is sometimes subjective.

Regardless of the few moments of unease, Havana is a beautiful place and its people are equally beautiful, proud, and friendly. During this short trip, never once did people bad-mouth the United States, even subtly. There are crucial parts of their history that favorably involve the US. For example, we were instrumental in helping them achieve independence from Spain. As a matter of fact, there's a huge, beautiful, and well-maintained monument in Havana to honor the US soldiers who died in the USS Maine explosion, which kicked off the Spanish-American War.

Having only spend a couple of days in Havana, I am not an expert on Cuba, its people, or Cuban culture. I don't think that I would ever want to live in Cuba. Nevertheless, Havana is proof that reality is sometimes subjective.

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