Getting Settled


So I needed a SIM card. Orange mobile, the more preferred carrier in Vienna is SUCH a hassle! They don't do contracts with students unless you have your student ID, and I don't get that until tomorrow. That's no big deal except I wanted it 4 days ago. Also, they charge 49 euros for activation, unless you go on a Monday or Tuesday when it's free to activate a contract. This just seems silly, but maybe I'm just ignorant. Either way, I shall wait until tomorrow and get it done. I also went to start a bank account here. Bank Austria ran me around the WHOLE freakin' city looking for a branch that would willingly open a student account for me. It took me about 4 hours, but I got it done.

Also, in order to get either of these things done in Austria, you have to have what's called a Meldezettel form, which you get from the housing office, if you live in student housing, or you landlord or wherever. Then you have to take that form to one of a number of government offices around the city, where they collect that form and give you another one with an official state seal, declaring that you are a resident of Austria. This is the paper that both the bank and the phone company needs. Unfortunately for me, the bank took mine. Now I'll have to get another one.

I'm also meeting a LOT of people and getting a lot of good advice. One pretty good tip was to get all of my shopping done on Fridays or Saturdays. Not only is this the time when I have no classes and therefor will have the time available to shop, but also because literally EVERYTHING is closed on Sundays. This is a strongly Catholic country, but I think it's a uniquely Austrian thing to find nothing open on a Sunday.