First Couple of Days in Vienna

I haven't posted these last few days because I've had a lot mixed moods while settling here in Vienna. The first night in my dorm was rather hot. I think during the day, temperatures reached the 80's, and my dorm building has no AC (cooling is not really need like 99% of the year). Either way, I was able to get to sleep eventually, despite there being no wind at all, using my dorm window/balcony door. This was the night I also met one person from Holland that's in the same program I am. We heard about a karaoke night for the students in our program and went to check it out since we were both bored. This karaoke night was really interesting. It wasn't the karaoke that I'm used to where there's one or more people on a stage singing a song of their choice. In this particular karaoke night, the DJ simply played a karaoke version of a song, but the lyrics of the song up on every screen in the bar, and literally EVERYONE was literally SCREAMING the lyrics at the top of their lungs. It was fun and full of energy, but I was still jet-lagged. We left a little early from there and I was already at my dorm when I found that a Danish lady who is in our program and her boyfriend were at a bar clear across town. Defying all logic, we went and it was much more fun. It was an Irish pub that had cheap cider and Fosters on tap. My kinda pub.

I think the following day, my Dutch friend and I went to the last station on the U4 line (Heiligenstadt) and took busses about another 45 minutes that climbed up to a little town called Cobenzl where from a restaurant, you get the most stunning view of Vienna. We stayed there for about an hour, took a few photos, drank a beer, then headed back home.