Hilton Vienna Danube

I'm finally in Vienna! This is where I'll be staying for a couple of nights. Beautiful hotel. Up to American standards. Right on the Danube River (check out the view from my room). It's about 6PM here right now and my body is beginning to get a little confused. I'm feeling a little dizzy and disoriented at times, but I know some rest will fix me up. Today's flights were more pleasant than I had expected. Swiss has a lot of leg room on their flights. The long part of my flight (Boston > Zurich) has this little child that would not quite screaming. For the few hours I had my headphones on, I got some sleep, but that was about it. That kid screamed louder than my headphones could handle. They they can drain out the sound of airplane jets, but are defenseless against a kid at point blank range. Leg room was great, food was edible, and the seats were comfortable. I even got a chance to watch Hunger Games, which was disturbingly entertaining.

The last leg was quick. Lots of stinky people, but I'm sure I was one of them. Time to wash up, get some grub, and sleep.