I'm sure you've all done it. I know I have. You grab your $600 or $700+ fancy shmancy DSLR camera, and commence an automatic blaze of glory. I did this for a couple of days after buying my Nikon D5100, a mid-range consumer DSLR camera and my first (comparable to the Canon EOS 60D). However I quickly realized that my resulting photos, besides being a little more crisp when you blew them up, were no different than the photos taken with my point and shoot Nikon (the little one-hander, about the size of a cigarette box). My word of advice to those of you still taking pictures in automatic: DON'T.

Judging by the fact that you do this, you have absolutely no clue as to how much money you've wasted. These days everyone and their grandma has a DSLR, instantly turning every family event into a paparazzi shit storm. However, if you really wanna have the edge over granny and take some photos that really stand out, learn how not to shoot in auto, ideally without a flash.