New Vision

Gunnar Digital Performance Eyewear

I've gotten some new glasses recently, and it's some pretty interesting stuff. First were the Gunnars. Thanks to the great folks at Today's Vision in Spring, I got a pair of Gunnar Digital Performance specs. On average, I probably spend about 6-8 hours per day in front of a computer screen, typing my life away, kinda like I'm doing now. Recently, I've begun to experience headaches or my eyes just begin feeling heavy after the first few hours. The Gunnars are tinted slightly yellow (and have some other fancy things done to them that I don't understand), filtering wavelengths that cause strain on your eyes. Immediately, I began to notice that I was able to stay an entire 6 hours in front of a screen, without a break, with my eyes feeling just about as fresh as they do in the morning. Because of the tint, I have to take them off for any photo editing that I do.

Warby Parker

Ever since I was introduced to it by an old friend, TOMS have always been a personal favorite. The simple shape, coupled with the selection of the creative designs, make it a great product. Though they aren't the most durable shoes, the thought that you are doing something good make up for it. TOMS' one-for-one model is a brilliantly sustainable way help a lot of needy people, while feeding consumerism. Warby Parker takes on the same approach to eyeglasses. They styles are all 50s-ish, hipster plastic frames that sucked me right in; 90 bucks for a complete pair, AND they'll give a pair to a kid? Sold. But wait, there's more. Seeing as how they don't currently have many showrooms in the states, and how most people are skeptical of buying things like glasses from the internet (considering that trying them on is kinda important), they run a "Home Try-On" program where you can pick 5 pairs and they'll send them to you for 5 days. Meanwhile, you try them all on, ask all your friends about them, and then order the one(s) you want accordingly! I chose the Fillmore in Revolver Black.