New Toys!


I'm sure any of you who actually read my rambling know about my monster of a computer that I built. It's working like a charm, but it was INSANE getting to this point. I opened all of the packaging. I was excited. Not having assembled in a computer in over 6 years, I screwed up right away. See, motherboards look like any other electronic component out there that you may have seen. It's a board with a bunch of small components stuck to it with thousands of electronic connections running through it. Where each of these components are mounted to the board, there are little metal spikes on the underside. These spikes actually conduct signals to other parts of the board. For this reason, when you mount a motherboard to a case, there are little spacer screws that need to be used to keep the spike slightly elevated above the metal case to prevent the metal contact from short-circuiting the circuitry!

Well, I, being the "idot" that I am, mounted the motherboard without the spacers! Unbeknown to me, this caused two of the leads on the bottom to bend and touch one another. I struggle all damn day to figure out what was wrong. I called NewEgg to return it, thinking that I received a bad motherboard. Just as I was packing everything away, I took one last look at it, noticed the problem, fixed it, and the rest is Hershalvision.

I posted some pics on Facebook about it too.

Also, I got my new MacBook Pro a couple of weeks ago. It the newest one, 15-inch, with the i7 and Thunderbolt. Amazing stuff. It's making my life much more incredible. I picked up a tip from a buddy of mine and now I've got my email, calendars, and contact all in sync with my iPhone 4, iPad (the old one), my iMac, Gmail, and, of course, my new MacBook. I have all these things reminding me of what I need to do anything I have something to do! Its awesome. I know I'm pretty late with this, but, hey, I've been a little busy, but now I'm up to speed.