Dreamhost Nightmare


This morning all of my sites on my Dreamhost account went down for the second time in a month. This is outrageous for anyone that is at least as engaged with the web as I am. The first time was an 18-hour downtime, that crippled all of my Wordpress installs and MX record. The second, that happened this morning was for a little more than 3 hours, and came right back up with everything intact. This left me in dire need to a backup system and I think I have the perfect solution. Dreamhost is cheap and, well, you get what you pay for. I have a virtual private server (VPS) setup with them, which allows for large amounts of memory usage and my sites sometimes spike up to, sometimes due to spambots, crawlers, and other crap when I forget to put my defenses back up, because these spikes tend to lock up my entire account. Highly inconvenient, but the cheapest short-term option.

As for my solution, it begins with a mirror site. What I need to do is open another hosting account with a difference company, in this case. I opened the account today, ready to rock and roll and I ran into a brick wall when I started getting some kind of server-side permissions errors. I have no idea what this stuff means, but it really pissed me off. Once this is done, I will deploy a Wordpress install, get a clone plugin to make one install fetch content from the other. This should, if done correctly, produce two, identical WordPress installations on two difference servers. The I will hop onto a failover service that will revert to a backup copy of my site when the main one goes down. I can have as many of these backup installations as I need. For my purposes, I think two is ample insurance.


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