I'm an Idiot?! *GASP*!!!


Sooooooo, I got this comment today on one of my pages:

Author : kevin rudolf (IP: , adsl-75-14-10-111.dsl.hrlntx.sbcglobal.net) E-mail : [email protected] URL : http://yourhomepage Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput= Comment: your an idot. its "i live IN south padre island" not i live ON south padre island. you dont say "i love ON texas" "or i live ON houston" or "i live on hawaii". you say i live IN hawaii, i live IN Houston.

Fortunately, I run my website like a Nazi and I have to approve comments before they show up on my site. I removed this comment but I figured I'd let it through in a more permanent manner.

This person uses very poor grammar ("your" instead of "you're"), and he is, in fact, the true "idot" (assuming he meant idiot). I'm probably one of the few people ON South Padre Island that knows who the real Kevin Rudolf is (bubble-gum pop singer with only one noteworthy song, "Let It Rock", and the only reason it was given any attention was because Lil Wayne was featured on the single), considering my age (or the lack thereof, if you catch my drift).

Next is the notion that I am an "idot" for saying that I live ON South Padre Island versus saying that I live in it. Either the city of South Padre Island, its Chamber of Commerce, and Convention & Visitors Bureau are on my idiot boat, and we all need to realize that we live in an island, or Mr. "Rudolf" needs to go back to elementary school.

Y'see, I get these email newsletters almost daily from the Chamber and weekly from the CVB. Below is the most recent email from the Chamber, promoting an event, urging readers to "Shop any business ON South Padre Island". As for the CVB, they send an email every single week entitled "This Week ON South Padre Island".

If that isn't official enough for you, try this. So, I'm the idiot? Touche, Mr. "Rudolf", touche, and WORLD IS FULL OF IDIOTS LIKE ME!

I live ON an island, b***h!