Pizza Imperfect


The pizza and burgers at the Hilton, while VERY high quality, seem to lack something that I am in a relentless hunt to find. Unless that "something" is God himself, I am determined to find it at any cost. I think I've made progress on the pizza. I scored Syed's sauce recipe, which, may I add, was a VERY generous gesture on his part, and he may be solely responsible for my potential fame. I kid. Anyway, the thing that I'm trying that is a little different is to fry a some Italian seasoning ( the main ingredients being basil, parsley, and oregano) and garlic powder in butter, and spreading it across the crust the second the pizza comes out of the oven. This gives the crust an awesome flavor and aroma. One other little thing that we do that isn't all too common is to use a top-notch five-cheese blend.  This ensures that the cheese melts evenly, and when you couple it with the right crust, it serves as an excellent indicator for when your pizza is ready to be removed from the oven (which is usually when is bubbling and slightly golden).

Another huge mistake that a lot of people make is to pile on a lot of toppings. Of couse, the versatility of pizza allows people to do whatever the hell they want with their pizzas, I feel that a pizzeria that wish to reach a broad audience really shouldn't do that. The main ingredients and magic of a good pizza lie simply in its basic components: the sauce, cheese, and crust. Toppings are added to compliment the taste of those three parts, not overpower them.

Oh, and don't forget to use basil. A pizza isn't a pizza without basil. That actually goes for anything even slightly Italianesqe. And garlic. Don't EVER forget about garlic. I add it to everything. It's nature's MSG, without the health risks and brain damage, of course.

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