Food, food, food


Yesterday was a pretty big food day. It started when I made myself a gigantic turkey sandwich on foccacia bread, with a side of mozzarella sticks, which I breaded and fried myself. Then that evening I made myself some fried calamari with a side of a tomato sauce that I sauteed with crushed red pepper. It was amazing. Then I went home and ate some enchiladas. For people who want to make some cool fried foods, here's how you make good fried mozzarella, calamari, squash/zucchini, pickles, etc.:

  • Heat your deep fryer.
  • Roll the food in flour.
  • Dip it into an egg wash.
  • Throw into some Progresso Italian Breadcrumbs.
  • Drop it into the fryer.
  • Fry it until it floats or starts getting a little brown.
  • The second you remove it from the fryer, sprinkle a little bit of salt over it.
  • Dip.
  • Eat.

If the food doesn't start sizzling when you drop it into the fry, your oil isn't hot enough. SAFETY FIRST: make sure your equipment is in tip-top shape and don't handle the hot food or fry and any point. Use a frying basket and oven mitts.

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