A New Life...


Much has changed in my life within the past several weeks. The Hilton Garden Inn is now open and I am there super-full time (12 hours/day = "super-full time"). It's taught me to have a good work ethic, and that having one pays off. I get calls during weekends and late at night, most from people picking my brain or just wanting the details of our impressive banquet space, and, my, it is great to sell them on the space. This is mostly because the space sells itself. I don't have to lie or sugar-coat anything. On top of that, the Hilton's got a full-blown kitchen that can handle anything, too! It's really fun to drop in from time to time and cook a few things, arrange them in a nice presentation, then discretely spy on the patrons as they wipe their plates clean in satisfaction. Anyway, that's just the good news. There have been some negative changes, too. I recently have lost a lot of good friendships because of the lack of time that I have to support them. Being the youngest person in business on the island (I think) by at least 20 years (I'm not exaggerating), the island gets very, very lonely. Unless my closest friends are visiting Brownsville or the Island, I don't have a friend for at least 200 miles. What do I do in my spare time, you ask? 'Work' is my answer. I fill my spare time with arbitrary tasks because, while there's plenty to do around here, there's no one to do them with.

Quote of the Day:

Who's more foolish: the fool or fool who follows him?

- Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope