In the by and by...


The weather is pretty crazy out today. I hear there are some instances of hail in the area and, looking outside from the office, there's some heavy wind and a LOT of rain. This is the roughest I've seen it in a while. The weather doesn't get this bad on the island very often, but "when it rains, it pours." Literally. The last few days have been pretty interesting. Alex and I have been making some new music, sampling a bunch of my dad's old vinyls, which he bought in the 70's sometime, I think. It's interesting to think that he probably never imagined how exciting it would be to a 20-something year old, about 40 years later. We're getting some pretty good stuff together, and you should be seeing it soon on Youtube.

On a completely different note, I just bought a one-month membership at the Sunset Condominiums Health Club. I went to check it out yesterday and liked what I saw. It's got a steam room, raquetball courts, and lots of room for activities, features that sold me immediately. This is an attempt to get back in shape. I hope it works. I've also been blessed enough to be able to go jet skiing every week. The weather's been great, and Breakaway Cruises on South Padre Island has the best skiis in the business.