Toshiba NB205-N310BN-G

About six weeks ago, I purchased my Toshiba NB205 Netbook, and this thing is amazing. I immediately upgraded it to 2GB of RAM. A week later I installed Windows 7 Ultimate (I bought the version with Windows XP in order to save about $50), for which the Toshiba website provided all the updated Windows 7 drivers and utilities. So far, there hasn't been a single place that provides wifi connectivity that I haven't been able to connect to, a problem that I had quite often with my Vaio notebook. This is something that's pretty vital for a person with a mobile lifestyle. Also, I inserted my SIM card from my AT&T USB Connect into my netbook and it began working immediately, allowing me internet connectivity anywhere within AT&T's data network (up to 3G speeds).

I don't do anything too crazy on my netbook, and I haven't tried anything very graphic- or memory-intesive, but its great for what I have done thus far. I use, a free, open-source office suit of programs that are fully compatible with those of Microsoft Office. I chose this route because I heard ravings about its quick load time, thus assuming that it would run pretty cleanly on my netbook (which it does, with flying colors).  The best part is that it also includes the ability to export documents in PDF format. I use CCleaner to keep it mal-ware free, Firefox mobile for my browsing, Defraggler for effective defragmenting, and Foxit Reader for opening PDFs. The best part about all of these programs is that they are all FREE! After a little tweaking and fiddling, my netbook also smoothly runs my favorite game of all time, Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings with the Conquerors Expansion.

The best part is that it also includes the ability to export documents in PDF format.
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